Aeolian Dust Monitoring Data

River aeolian dust monitoring data

  • Goods0 ~ 50


  • Moderate51 ~ 100


  • Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups101 ~ 254

    Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

  • Unhealthy255 ~ 354


  • Very Unhealthy355 ~ 424

    Very Unhealthy

  • Hazardous425 ~ 504


Taichung Taian Elementary School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Changhua Shinchuang Elementary School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Yunlin Shiuguang Elementary School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Yunlin Yishian Elementary School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Kaohsiung Dashu Junior High School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Pingtung Yutian Elementary School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Taitung Taitung Forest Park (Taitung EPB provided) PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Taitung Renai Elementary School PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction Taitung Lichi Tourist Center PM10 Wind Speed Wind Direction

Zhuoshui River Tendency chart of surrounding PM10 monitoring stations

Time Duration:2018/08/23 16:00 ~ 2018/08/25 16:00

Zhuoshui River Distribution of surrounding monitoring stations

Representation of monitoring values

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Tour schedule of monitoring vehicles

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To strengthen river aeolian dust monitoring, the MOENV started to dispatch mobile air quality monitoring vehicles to areas most vulnerable to aeolian dust since December 2009, so to understand better impacts of river aeolian dust. Monitoring results can be accessed through inquiry on MOENV's web page in 2 weeks after a monitoring assignment has been completed.